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“Hacking the Digital Marketplace”

Headquartered in Irvine with a remote offices in Los Angeles & Chicago, Media Creation Marketing aims to represents Automotive Dealerships on and between coasts. Our Agency specializes in Facebook Marketing & Social Media Advertising for Agencies and Consultants. We will not only help you reach what you desire, but we’ll also help your mission thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our strategies to your individual needs and concerns.

Our team has experience of over six years, starting during the rise of Instagram. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and media, and have monitored their evolution to inform our own clients approaches—all to give you exceptional advice that will last for years to come.

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The Online Marketplace is ever growing and competition only on the rise. That’s where we come in. Our expertise in Facebook Advertising will get you in front of businesses and consumers that are qualified and ready for action.


The way people consume entertainment is constantly in flux, and the marketing changes quickly. Media Creation Marketing strives to anticipate these changes and implement them into all of your content so you can focus more on delivering exceptional service.


The Online Marketplace is so competitive and traditional websites are dying. Funnels allow us to optimize your marketing plan give users on your site only one place to go. Want their email, phone number? That’s the first step. Next we can easily gauge how interested they are in buying or selling a home with simple forms. Contact us to learn more!

Facebook Advertising

We specialize in Facebook and Instagram Advertising. These two primary sources boast an active 3 billion users, making these the best and most cost efficient advertising platforms.


The internet, software, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives simpler, but behind the curtain are fluctuating challenges in advancement and monetization.

SEarch engine optimization

The next best way to get your name and company recognized is through SEO using Organic and Paid Traffic. Our expertise allows us to target and perfect keywords to drive both organic and paid traffic to your site.


Helping Businesses achieve prosperity in an all-digital world
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